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On the road from Aghios Georgios to Viglafia (2.5km), the Strongyli lagoon is on your left, lying along the coast right next to Pounta beach. Along with the smaller lakes of Manganos and Neratzionas, it forms a considerable wetland that is within a NATURA region. A paradise for nature lovers, it is a nesting place for birds, a stopover for migratory birds, turtles, frogs and dozens of other permanant or visiting fauna.

A rare species of cedar grows here, along with the endemic Tulipa goulimyi, a variety of thyme (Linum leucanthum) with dark purple or red leaves, and Linaria hellenica – all three found only in this part of Greece. If you are lucky you may come across a Caretta caretta turtle. Meanwhile in the shallows off the coast of Pounta are the remnants of the oldest sunken city in the world, lying on the seabed between the coast and the islet of Pavlopetri.


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