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The surroundings - Peloponnese


Small settlements that have grown up throughout the region of Vatika present vivid contrasts between the elements of rock and sea, old and new ways of life, while retaining a unique traditional ambience and hospitality. 


Narrow lanes reminiscent of Cycladic islands, age-old oak and plane trees, sparkling beaches, Byzantine churches, myths and legends are all found in the pretty villages of Vatika nestling on the slopes of Mt. Krithina above Neapoli, its adjoining plain and on Cape Maleas. 


Wooded slopes and gorges, endemic wildflowers and herbs, a wealth of flora and fauna on land and sea, fossilised palm trees and rare stalactite and stalagmite formations in one of Europe’s most important caves are just some of natural wonders to be found in Vatika.


Imposing fortresses, a group of Byzantine churches and hermitages known as Little Mt. Athos, the lighthouse on Cape Maleas, ancient sunken cities along with more recent structures point to this interesting region’s history and culture.


Day trips from Neapoli to other points of interest in Laconia include the medieval fortress towns of Monemvasia and Mystras, not to mention the magical islands Elafonisos and Kythera, and a variety of other noteworthy sights.