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Another yet even more breathtaking view, with the plain of Vatika and the sea with Elafonisos and Kythera in the distance. It is one of two villages of Vatika (the other is Mesohori) hovering about 450 metres above Neapoli on the slopes of Mt. Krithina. Known as the balcony of Vatika, Faraklo was built by the Venetians in the 15th century in honour of their leader whose name was Faraklos. It was the regional capital both during the Turkish occupation and after liberation in 1821, when it was the seat of the Municipality of Malea.

The road to Faraklo passes the outskirts of Mesohori (1.3km). Both these villages have retained their traditional character, and include Byzantine and Post-Byzantine churches, many of which are still intact, others are in various states of decay but with interesting Byzantine frescoes. You might find some of the older inhabitants willing to tell stories of these villages’ glorious past.

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