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Neapolis - Laconia - Peloponnese
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An hour away by ferry boat from Neapoli is Kythera, known as the island of Aphrodite. Visitors flock to its divine beaches and medieval monuments such as the castle dominating the skyline above the narrow lanes of Hora. Called Porphyrousa by the Phoenicians, Tsirigo by the locals, it lies at the junction of sea currents and in the path of invading armies – the fearsome pirate Barbarossa once laid waste to the town of Paleohora. Later a refuge for Cretans in the 17th century, the island reached its population peak of 7,500 under Venetian rule.

Visit Mylopotamos to see the amazing waterfall, or the twin bays of Kapsali to discover why the island has become a favourite destination in Greece’s deep south.

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